5 Chestnut Health Benefits Every Vegan and Vegetarian Should Know

chestnuts for health

Did you ever wonder what benefits lie in chestnuts? They’re bigger than you ever thought possible. In fact, most don’t think much about chestnuts except associating them with Christmas as a roasted holiday treat.

chestnut-314244_1280But, chestnuts have health benefits that can improve your blood pressure, brain, and teeth. Much like their cousins, almonds and walnuts, chestnuts provide vegans and vegetarians special benefits when eaten as a regular staple in your diet. Curious to know more? Read on to find out the major health benefits of chestnuts.

1. Blood Pressure and Heart Health

Like most nuts, chestnuts are rich in monounsaturated fats such as palmitoleic and oleic acid. These good fats help reduce bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol. Eating regular amounts of good fats can improve and lower risks of stroke and heart disease.

Omega fatty acid, monounsaturated fatty acid, and dietary fiber, are additional perfect ingredients to prevent heart disease and stroke. Chestnuts carry a significant amount of fiber, like bananas, which aid in lowering blood pressure.

2. Brain Food

Chestnuts are high in folate, more so than other nuts, and have 15 percent more folates than all nuts. Folates help keep your brain youthful and functioning correctly. Speaking of a healthy, young brain, folates can also reduce depression.

Folate deficiencies are a catalyst in the onset of depression and dementia. While it takes 100 grams of chestnuts to reach appropriate folate levels, it’s still a better trade off when you just feel like snacking on something crunchy.

3. Body Figure and Energy

Want a low fat snack with a powerful protein punch? Chestnuts are perfect for keeping your caloric intake low. But, their protein content is over 20 grams in a single serving. If you need a quick boost to get through your work day or for your workout, grab a handful of chestnuts.

4. Teeth and Bones

Vitamin C is the appropriate and necessary nutrient every healthy body needs to build strong teeth and bones. Chestnuts provide seven percent of the daily value of vitamin C, and they’re the only nuts that have vitamin C.

When absorbed into the body appropriately, vitamin C can prevent tooth problems such as weak and loose teeth. Bleeding and sensitive gums are a result of low vitamin C intake or inability to absorb it to your body.

5. Celiac and Gluten-Free People

It’s not surprising that many naturally grown, unrefined foods are gluten free. Chestnuts are free of gluten and a popular source food for preparing gluten-free dishes and desserts. They’re perfect raw, roasted, and pureed. You can also buy chestnut flour, which is perfect for cooking dense bread or forming dough balls for soups and stews.

Now you know some of the great benefits that chestnuts have to offer. However, it is important to know that chestnuts, like peanuts, can be highly allergic. Make sure you test with your doctor about possible nut allergies before consuming chestnuts.

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